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I Pledge to Live with Gao Yang offers Thai yoga stretching, one-on-one sessions that provide a perfect balance of meditation and hands-on personalized stretch, while stimulating energy lines.

Holy Temple.


Holy Temple.

Gao Yang


Have you ever noticed that when a child falls, their first instinct is to hold/guard the injury?  Even when an adult is near by to assess the injury, the child will still hesitate before showing their injury.  Its a natural instinct we do for self preservation, to guard our bodies, thinking that we are protecting, but as we age, we begin a habit of disassociating the pain, by trying to not think of the pain our pain receptors are reminding us simultaneously and in result beginning to alienate our injured body from ourselves.  

Our bodies have the amazing capacity to heal on itself, but our mind can affect the natural progression of the repair mechanism.

Fast forward, the child, now adult, has had many falls, some breaks, a few car accidents; the trauma begins to build layers of injuries and compensation.  This isn't even to account for surgical procedures (wisdom teeth, c-sections, torn ACLs repairs, rotator cuff surgeries ect).  These injuries/trauma, depending on how much we rehabilitate them back to full or partial recovery (and you will know, if and when your body is back to full capacity) will almost inevitably effect future injuries due to compensation.

Here are some rhetorical questions about your last injury, when was the last time you rubbed or explored the range of motion of that injury?  Does it feel like it's counterpart?  Have you noticed that since the injury, has new pain referral manifested (typically on the the opposite side of the body)??

It is natural, that we all will have restriction and compensation throughout our bodies, but as we have learned to guard our bodies (the instinct, that our bodies are our holy temples and we want to preserve them).  We can also learn what our coping mechanisms are (in regards to how we harbor and guard our bodies), while figuring out avenues in allowing our bodies to thrive in environments to heal themselves and regain a better range of motion.  Just a thought!