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I Pledge to Live with Gao Yang offers Thai yoga stretching, one-on-one sessions that provide a perfect balance of meditation and hands-on personalized stretch, while stimulating energy lines.



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Thai Yoga Massage History

Gao Yang

In my healing journey, I have come to experience Thai Yoga Massage to be inspired by the art of Ayurveda healing from India.  It is believed that Shivago (one of Bhudda's head physician) created this particular sequence for grounding and meditation, therefore, attributing to the overall well being of the receiver. It has been in my experience that Thai massage, much like the evolution of Bhuddism leans in two most common directions: more yoga and lomi lomi (oceanic movement) or predominantly shiatsu (trigger point) focus.  It is a bodywork modality that has evolved to be a hybrid of yoga, shiatsu and a way of living.  

Present day Thai Yoga Massage is a sequence that opens up the body to healing on a physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual experience.  If one looks at the lineage of Thai Yoga Massage, the bodywork modality gets its name from Thailand.  Thailand, a heavily Buddhist influenced country.