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I Pledge to Live with Gao Yang offers Thai yoga stretching, one-on-one sessions that provide a perfect balance of meditation and hands-on personalized stretch, while stimulating energy lines.


What to Expect with a Thai Yoga session.

Gao Yang

FIRST TIMERS. Come 10-15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and have a short assessment. 
TRADITIONAL PROCESSION.The fully clothed client will be assisted in stretches from foot to head.  Either laying face up or face down, unless more work is needed (then, the client will be lying on side).
APPROPRIATE ATTIRE. Comfortable clothes (take into consideration that the therapist will stretch you in various positions, skirts and/or loose short shorts will be inappropriate).
STRETCHING. It is important that the client practices letting go (whether it is physically and/or mentally).  The therapist will not go anymore than the client's body will permit it.
THRESHOLD. Because the therapist is using their body as a contour to assist in the stretches, the therapist can feel the release or tightening of the client's muscle.  This helps the therapist gauge the range of motion (or lack of), without the verbal cues/concerns from the client.
COMMUNICATION. Please communicate at all times during a session if something is too much or not enough (eg. pressure, talking, stretching).
WATER. After a session, be sure to drink lots of water.  If it is your first time, be prepared to be sore the next day.
EATING.  If you must eat, try eating no later than 30 minutes prior to a session.  
BOWELS. Because our bodies are created to be so closely connected, it is normal that with all the movement and loosening of muscles around your lower back and abdomen, your digestive system will be given room to respond naturally.
BEST TIMES. After a traditional Thai Yoga session, your body will feel like you are floating on cloud nine.  Do not plan anything afterwards (in my opinion).  Incite: Some of my hardcore trainers like to do their heaviest training and schedule an appointment to see me right afterwards.  This gives their bodies the adequate push and pull balance, allowing their bodies to speed their recovery process.
ATHLETES. From riding horses, Crossfit training, marathoners, to other sports (soccer, basketball, football, golfing, tennis players, swimmers, dancers ect)... If you are competing, give yourself atleast 1 full day to recover before competition(s).  If your intention is a recovery session, the sooner the session after a competition, the shorter (and less painful) the recovery process (please let the therapist know your intention(s) with your session).
RANGE OF MOTION. People who suffer from old and/or new injuries, it is not a fun process to reintroduce range of motion, but it is not impossible.
RESULTS.  Most people can see a progress almost immediately.  The sessions alone will help, but it is important that the client is just as proactive about their progress.  Depending on what your goal(s) are, you can be guaranteed that you will leave a session with maintenance homework for your body (eg. proper specified stretching poses, walking, ect).
MAINTENANCE PLAN.  Thai Yoga can be used as a time to set for yourself, but it can also offer you a variety of maintenance in your life: range of motion, deeper stretches, meditation, devotional time, assessment of how/where the state of your body is (as we tend to favor one side or send stress to a specific place in our bodies).  
HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU HAVE A SESSION?  Each client will be given a suggested time frame with goal(s), based on the client's body's response in their sessions.  The ranges are: twice a week, to once a week, to every other week.