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I Pledge to Live with Gao Yang offers Thai yoga stretching, one-on-one sessions that provide a perfect balance of meditation and hands-on personalized stretch, while stimulating energy lines.


The Beginning.

Gao Yang

Take this moment to listen to your breath. 
Follow the inhales.
And the exhales.
Take note of the length in each exchange.
To breathe is such an involuntary response that often we take for granted in our every day lives.  Let alone, that we have the ability to control the rate of our breath-work. Have you ever taken the time to observe your current breath-work?  Maybe when you were stuck in traffic, or just got into a confrontation, or about to go on stage to present something, joined a group of friends, walked into your work/home or any other daily event?  Did you noticed how your breathing pace shifted before, during and/or even after these events.
Practicing the subtle observation or your breathing is just the beginning into your journey of your body.