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I Pledge to Live with Gao Yang offers Thai yoga stretching, one-on-one sessions that provide a perfect balance of meditation and hands-on personalized stretch, while stimulating energy lines.


School of Hard Knocks.

Gao Yang

From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health” Catalan Proverb

Its amazing how much we can learn about ourselves through slowing down and observing the subtle sensations we feel (or don’t). To conceive this luxury of creating (intentional) time and space, it requires so much of our being to be present.

I’ve found through the school of hard knocks, that life has an unequivocal way of slowing you down, forcing you to take a vacation. Even, when they are at the most inconvenient times. Of course, it turns out to be exactly what you need, to re-calibrate your direction. Gifting you the opportunity to hone in and listen to your vibration, the momentum, your spirit, body, mind and where they all are co-existing as! Or in a non-metaphysical explanation: reaping what you sow (aka making your bed).

Slow down. That’s easy right?

But that’s the thing, my dear friend… so many of us are knee deep in the “must do’s”, “not enough hours in a day…. enough arms… legs…. carbon copies of yourself…” that we forget to pause and ask ourselves, “does this warrant me to take a breather?”. What is life telling you (or if you’re spiritual, Creator nudging you) to acknowledge? And are you doing something about it?

For me recently, its been the healing journey of my absent menstrual cycle. It inspired my trip back to Thailand in fall 2018, where I learned about womb lifting through massage, traditional Chinese medicine and nutritionally supporting my bodily functions, through foods. Finding a sustainable approach to encouraging my lady parts to do what she has always been naturally made to do!

I know, TMI (too much information), but seriously though… I’ve learned some pretty basic, yet phenomenal philosophies to addressing the body. For example, traditional Chinese medicine believe that menstrual cycles that do not sync will eventually lead to a built up stagnation within our cells. Causing the strained body, to become inflamed and even over taxed! What’s beautiful and yet ironic about this concept, is that the body does this as a coping mechanism on an energetic, cellular, muscular and even an emotional level; a sense of self preservation.

It’s taken me almost a year, to finally give in to what my lady parts have been trying to tell me what she needs… and now, opening doors to areas of my life I’ve put on hold (In regards to my femininity). As I start to realize, this is just the beginning.

So… Is there something your body is prompting you to hone in on!?

Are you in a place to acknowledge the nudge(s)?

I challenge you to slow down.

now, Listen.
In the meantime, the books and founders of thoughts that found me through this inspiration:
Baan Hom Samunphrai School, womblifting training Chiang Mai, Thailand
Reflections of the moon on water” by Xiaolin Zhao CMD
”WomanCode” by Alisa Vitti
”A Thai herbal traditional recipes for health and harmony” by C. Pierce Salguero
prenatal/postpartum Doula and baby massage CE